Deleted scene macbeth

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The Stinger

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Sometimes a comedy will include outtakes. Sometimes the outtakes can be better than the movie. Once Upon a Time in the West is a Italy / USA western by Sergio Leone.

Starring Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson and Claudia Cardinale.

Teller (magician)

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Excactly what it says on the tin. Five short scenes added to some of Shakespeare's plays. Taming of the Shrew, Richard 3rd, Much Ado about Nothing, Twelve Night, and Macbeth. Aunt Gardiner is Worried. Just after dawn, a soft scratching at her door dragged Elizabeth away from a lovely ball where Collins was delightfully absent and there were plenty of excellent, handsome partners for all the young ladies who wanted to dance.

Deleted scene macbeth
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Shakespeare's Deleted Scenes Chapter 5: Macbeth, a shakespeare fanfic | FanFiction